Laws and Regulations

The Ports and Maritime Authority is responsible for overseeing all of the Kingdom of Bahrain’s laws, regulations and procedures with regards to the maritime industry.

Laws Description
Bahrain Maritime Code The PMA is currently finalising a new Maritime Code which covers issues related to international maritime conventions and protocols and the operation of port facilities as well as defining the responsibilities and functions of PMA. It will also establish jurisdiction with respect to international conventions to which Bahrain is presently, or will in the future be, signatory.  The new Code will supersede an earlier law promulgated in 1982 and bring Bahrain up to date with developments in international maritime law.
Ship Registration Law The legislative decree with regard to the promulgation of registration of ships and determination of safety conditions.
Ministerial Resolution No. 6 for 2001 The Ministerial Resolution pertaining for the promulgation of the regulations on merchant shipping (manning, training, certification, and related seafarers’ matters).
GCC Safety Regulations for Non-conventional ships Outlines GCC safety regulations for cargo ships not covered by the provisions of IMO Conventions and for small passenger ships carrying less than 200 passengers
Ministerial Resolution No. 20 for 2016 Implementation of Conventions related to marine navigation
Ministerial Resolution No. 9 for 2017 Ministerial Resolution No.9 for 2017 with regards to Marine Services Licensing
Ministerial Resolution No. 5 for 2019 Ministerial Resolution No. 5 for 2019 with regards to Approved Classification Societies and Marine Surveyors
Ministerial Resolution No. 6 for 2019 Ministerial Resolution No. 6 for 2019 with regards to Regulating the Licensing of Marine Pilots and Tugs Masters
Regulations Description
Private Jetty Regulations Information on the regulations pertaining to operating a port, jetty or similar facility in the Kingdom of Bahrain.
Directive No. STCW/01 Safe Manning Document (SMD)
Directive No. STCW/02 Watchkeeping Arrangements & Principles
Directive No. STCW/03 Approval of Training Centers and Courses
Directive No. STCW/04 Issue of Bahraini Flag State Endorsement
Directive No. STCW/05 Issue of Bahraini National Certificates and Endorsements for Master and Officer Under STCW Chapter II and III
Directive No. STCW/06 Issue Of Bahraini National Certificates For GMDSS Radio Operator, Rating or Able Seafarer
Directive No. STCW/07 Tanker Training, Certification and Endorsement
Directive No. STCW/08 Standards of Medical Fitness for Seafarer’s
Directive No. STCW/09 Certification for Ship Security Officer (SSO)
Directive No. STCW/10 Issue of Ships’ Cook Certificate
Directive No. STCW/11 Cadet Training Programme
Directive No. STCW/12 Issue of Bahrain Seaman’s Record Book
Directive No. STCW/13 Alternative Certificates Under STCW Chapter VII
Directive No. STCW/14 Issue of Non-STCW Certificates for Operation in Domestic Waters and for Operating Vessels With Propelling Power of Less Than 750 Kw
Directive No. STCW/15 Electronic Chart Display and Information Systems (ECDIS) Training
Directive No. STCW/16 Fitness for Duty and Minimum Period of Rest
Directive No. STCW/17 Issue of Manning Dispensation
Directive No. STCW/18 Issue and Registration of Certificates
Directive No. STCW/19 Port State Control Under STCW Convention
Directive No. STCW/20

Conduct of Trials

Directive STCW 21 Training and Certification Requirements For Seafarers Sailing On Ships Subject To The (IGF) Code
Directive STCW 22 Training and Certification Requirements For Seafarers Sailing On Ships In Polar Waters Subject To The (Polar Code)
Directive STCW 23 Training and Certification Requirements For Passenger Ships
Directive No. ISM/01 Implementation of the International Safety Management (ISM Code)
Resolution 6/2016 Resolution 6/2016 with regard to the implementation of the International Tonnage Convention 1969
Resolution 7/2016 Resolution 7/2016 with regard to the implementation of MARPOL Convention 1973 and its Protocol and annexes 1, 2 and 5
Resolution 8/2016 Resolution 8/2016 with regard to the implementation of the SOLAS Convention 1974
Resolution 9/2016 Resolution 9/2016 with regard to the implementation of Load Line Convention 1966 and Protocol 1988
Resolution 14/2016 Resolution 14/2016 with regards to approved classification societies
Directive CIC-01 Investigation of Marine Casualties and incidents
Directive MARPOL-01 Directive MARPOL-01 Implementation of MARPOL Annex V
Directive No. MARPOL/02 Oil Record Books
Directive No. MARPOL/03 Control of Discharges of Residues of Noxious Liquid Substances in Bulk From Ships
Directive SOLAS-2 Type Approval Certificate for Bahraini Ships
Directive SOLAS-01 Survey and Certification  under SOLAS Chap 1
Directive SOLAS-3 Means of Embarkation on and Disembarkation from Bahraini Ships
Directive SOLAS-4 Pilot Transfer Arrangements
Directive SOLAS-05 Display of Maneuvering  Information on board ships
Directive SOLAS-06 In water Survey in lieu of Dry Docking
Directive SOLAS-07 Certificates and Documents required by SOLAS
Directive SOLAS-08 Carriage of Publications on Board Ships
Directive SOLAS-09 Oxygen Analysis & Gas Detection Equipment
Directive SOLAS-10 Life Saving Appliances and Equipment
Directive SOLAS-11 Goal Based Ship Construction Standards
Directive SOLAS-12 Maintenance and Inspection of Fire Protection Systems and Appliances
Directive No. SOLAS/13 Directive No. SOLAS/13
Emergency Escape Breathing Devices (EEBDS)
Directive No. SOLAS/14 Intact and Damage Stability and Strength of Vessel
Directive No. SOLAS/15 GMDS Requirements for Radio Installations and Operations
Directive No. SOLAS/16 Electronic Chart Display and Information Systems (ECDIS) Reequirements and Backup Arrangements
Resolution 1/2017 Implementation of COLREG Convention
Directive No. PSC/01 Bahrain Port State Control
Directive No. Genreal/01 To the satisfaction of the administration criteria
Directive No. 10/2016 Minimum safe manning requirements
Directive FSI/01 – Flag State Inspection Flag State Inspection issued under the enabling power of the Ministerial Resolution 20/2016
Directive No. General/02 Transmitting Maritime Safety Information
Directive No. MARPOL/04 Port Reception Facilities for ship-generated waste and cargo residues
Notice Description
Marine Notices Marine notice to all ship owners, operators, masters and officers of merchant ships, authorized classification societies and surveyors.
Marine Notice 01-2008 LRIT
Marine Notice 03-2009 AIS - Bahraini Flag
Marine Notice 04-2009 Foregin Flag
Marine Notice  01-2014 Coming into force Safety Regulations for Non-conventional Ships
Marine Notice 02-2017 Implementation of Ports and Maritime Affairs Directives and Regulations
Marine Notice PMA/SRS/01/2018 Bunker and CLC Certificates
Marine Notice PMA/02/2019 Completion of offshore marine construction work at Bahrain LNG Terminal
Port Affairs Circular - 18 March 2020 - 1 Circular Regarding Private Jetties Handling Transactions via Email
Port Affairs Circular - 18 March 2020 - 2 Circular Regarding Vessel Shifting Permit Requests Via Email
Port Affairs Circular - 18 March 2020 - 3 Circular Regarding Payment Options for PMA’s Clients
Maritime Affairs Circular - 18 March 2020 - 1 Circular Regarding Marine Safety & Environment Protection Directorate Services
Maritime Affairs Circular - 18 March 2020 - 2 Circular Regarding Ship Registration and Seamen Affairs Services
Commercial Affairs Circular - 18 March Notice Regarding Issuing Licenses and Renewal Request
Marine Notice No. (1) 2020

Concerning Corona Virus (COVID-19) Guidance Relating to Extension of Seafarer’s Certificates in view of the outbreak of Corona Virus (COVID-19).

Marine Notice No. (2) 2020 Special Measures Concerning the extension of certificates, inspections and audits for Bahraini Flagged Ships Due to the Outbreak of Corona Virus (COVID-19).
Marine Notice - PMA/03/2019 Exhaust Gas Cleaning System (EGCS)
Marine Notice No. (3) 2020 Ship Passage Restrictions Under King Fahd Causeway in the Bahraini Waters (Western Passage between Columns 32 and 33).
Port Affairs Circular – 26th July 2020 – 9 Circular Regarding Sea Passenger Transport Services
  • 8,087Total Aircraft Movement, Jun 2019
  • 811,884Total Passengers, Jun 2019
  • 22,465Total Cargo and Mail, Jun 2019
  • 921,704Monthly ridership, Feb 2020
  • 54,217,604Total Passengers (Feb 2015-Feb 2020)
  • 186,905General Cargo, Aug 2020
  • 40,933Container Throughput, Aug 2020
  • 63Total Vessels, Aug 2020
  • 99Percent Mobile network coverage
  • 57Percent of households passed by fiber-optic broadband network
  • 90Percent of businesses passed by fiber-optic broadband network



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