Private Jetties

Ports and Maritime Affairs regulates all of Bahrain’s private jetties, including issuing licenses and carrying out inspections to ensure that all of the jetties comply with national marine safety, security and environmental regulations.


With over 40 licensed private jetties, Bahrain offers the facilities required for businesses that rely on an accessible transportation network. Current private jetties in Bahrain serve a variety of industries including manufacturing, marine infrastructure, construction and shipping. These facilities are concentrated in Bahrain’s main industrial zones, including North Sitra Industrial Area, Mina Salman Industrial Area, Salman Industrial Area and RasZuwayad, thereby are perfectly located to serve industry while being conveniently accessible to the main transportation points.

PMA’s services to these facilities include granting berthing permission at Mina Salman and port clearance.


Licenses for operating private jetties are issued by PMA and are renewable every two years. To apply for a license or renew an existing one, please click here.


In 2010, PMA introduced new regulations to govern the use and operations of private jetties. All licensed companies are now operating under these regulations.


PMA is responsible for setting the tariff schedule for all ports and private jetties. For more information on tariffs for private ports and jetties please click here.


As part of its regulatory function, PMA conducts regular inspections of all private jetties to ensure compliance with safety and other standards.

To report a violation, please contact:
Tel: +973 17359445
Fax: +973 17359523

To report a violation or log a complaint, please contact Commercial Affairs on
Tel: +973 17359445
Fax: +973 17359523

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